To Think Without Fear

The Challenge of the Extra-Terrestrial

Anthony Duncan


A new and previously unpublished book by the late Anthony Duncan, author of The Christ, Psychotherapy and Magic.


Anthony Duncan openly and frankly examines the experience of communication with “extra-terrestrial" contacts, and the leaps of faith and mutual acceptance on which such contact depends. He considers that many reported experiences of the extra-terrestrial are essentially objective and real, and that there is a common, underlying dynamic which is prompting an increasing – and increasingly varied – pattern of visitations. But who or what are these visitors? Do they come from elsewhere in our Universe or from another Universe altogether? Do they travel here across space or by a shift of wavelength? And how do they fit into the pattern set by the Incarnation of Christ? Duncan suggests that the first step towards an answer is to let go of our fear.


Also included is a previously unpublished essay on the same topic, The Liberation of the Imagination, and a personal account of the experiences with extra-terrestrial contacts which led Duncan to write the book. Presented from a Christian perspective, the book offers a sane and sensible discussion of a controversial subject by a priest and mystic who has never been afraid to think and minister beyond conventional boundaries.


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