The Curve of the Land

Diana Durham


Set in 1980s Britain against the backdrop of ecological crisis, The Curve of the Land  is a circumspect novel about our modern relationship with the Earth, which in this case is represented by the landscapes of western Britain. Jessica, an ardent but unfulfilled activist, joins a tour of megalithic sites hoping to find renewal from relationship burn-out and a sterile work environment. The characters on the tour are a good cross-section of the way ‘new age’, occult and mystical threads got grafted on to the more intellectual or ‘respectable’ British stock, throwing up eccentric cameos of people and comic situations. The mysterious atmosphere of the stones and her growing attraction for the charismatic tour leader builds to a final shamanic climax in the wilds of West Penwith, Cornwall.


Author of The Return of King Arthur: Completing the Quest for Wholeness, Diana Durham explores eco-shamanism, sex magic, goddess and ‘Gaia’ consciousness, as well as emerging archaeological and scientific findings pertaining to the sacred sites of Britain. Strongly influenced by Jungian psychologist Sylvia Brinton Perera’s Descent to the Goddess: A Way of Initiation for Women, The Curve of the Land follows the journey of a woman in contemporary society seeking to reconnect to an ancient land and share in its spiritual topography.


"An enchanting story by someone who has a wonderful command of the English language." — Ellen Langer, Author of Mindfulness; The Power of Mindful Learning & The Power of Mindful Learning

Diana Durham is a graduate of University College London (BA in English Literature) and was in 2011 a Visiting Research Associate at the Women’s Studies Research Centre, Brandeis. She is the author of The Return of King Arthur: Completing the Quest for Wholeness, Inner Strength, and Self Knowledge (Tarcher/Penguin), focusing on the figure of the Wounded King, and the Wasteland Kingdom that is a reflection of his wound found in the grail myth. She is also a certified practitioner of ‘Attunement,’ a lifestyle and healing practice; and a founder member of the Seacoast Attunement Practitioners, based in Portsmouth, NH, that run workshops and conferences on Attunement, Women’s Healing Space and the Ethics of Personal Power for mental health professionals. Diana, her husband and two children are British, but have lived in the USA for the past 20 years. They own a production company that makes documentaries, dramas and commercials.