Stewart Farrar
Writer on a Broomstick

Elizabeth Guerra & Janet Farrar

Stewart Farrar was a World War II veteran, an accomplished script writer and a journalist who worked for many prominent and respected media companies such as Reuters and the newspaper Reveille. As a world traveller, Stewart had the opportunity to meet and work with many fascinating people and noted celebrities during his career. He was also a gifted photographer. In 1969, at the age of 53, he met Alex Sanders – the infamous “King of the Witches” – and his wife Maxine while interviewing the couple for Reveille. The encounter introduced him to a world of Witchcraft and magic and changed the course of his life. Farrar left his job as a journalist and devoted his life and career to writing about the Craft. The many books he authored on witchcraft, together with his wife, Janet Farrar, have become widely read and respected works on the topic.


Elizabeth Guerra and Janet Farrar have collaborated to record and explore Stewart Farrar’s life and career in detail. This book tracks Farrar’s development from an eager and talented adolescent to a college student and dedicated Communist to a gifted journalist and television, radio and film script writer and finally to his later life as a practitioner of Wicca and author of many non-fiction books and science fiction novels.


Stewart Farrar found Witchcraft by accident but devoted the rest of his life to the subject by educating others. He became one of the most prolific and much loved writers on the subject, and in doing so, helped to make Wicca a viable and accessible path for many.


Born in New York City, Elizabeth Guerra grew up with a family from varying ethnic and spiritual backgrounds. Her father was born in Puerto Rico, as was her paternal grandmother, who was an Espiritista (Spiritualist) specializing in exorcisms, while her maternal grandmother emigrated to the US from Barbados as a child. Elizabeth’s family experiences on both sides exposed her to the occult sciences from a very early age. In 1989, Guerra discovered Wicca and was initiated into both a traditional group and an eclectic group. In 2000 she received her Third Degree Initiation from Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone. Over the years she has written many articles in local periodicals, has appeared on radio, a local news programme, and has been interviewed in two documentaries. For many years she has studied the ancient sites of Ireland, and conducts tours each year. Professionally, Guerra holds a degree in Human Services from Springfield College and is certified in addiction counselling.

Well known in pagan and witchcraft circles, Clapham born Janet Farrar is a teacher and author of various books on Wicca and Neopaganism. She has become one of the most public faces of Wicca, having appeared as a model for book covers and illustrations in several of the best-read books on the subject. Farrar was initiated into Alexandrian Witchcraft by the tradition’s founders, Alex and Maxine Sanders, and would go on to become one of “England’s most eminent and respected modern day witches.” (Knowles). It was in that coven she met Stewart Farrar, her future husband and co-author. She now continues the work in partnership with Gavin Bone.