The Way of Magic

Gordon Strong


The multiple strands which make up the Western Mystery Tradition can present a bewildering tangle of paths for the seeker to negotiate – and this book provides the roadmap by exploring them with clarity and insight. Gordon Strong, who has written various books on the Arthurian legends, Tarot, the goddess and sacred stone circles, is uniquely placed to offer this journeyman’s guide to magic. Meditation and contacts, Tarot, Qabalah, shamanism and polarity magic are covered, as are the British and Egyptian mysteries. The Way of Magic explores the path of ancient secrets as well as more modern adaptations of them, winding through the enigmatic codices of Egypt and the early shamen through to the modern use of Qabalah and practical magic today. Strong follows an established path with the fervour of a pioneer, making new connections and bringing fresh insights to age-old teachings. He contends that “wisdom does not automatically follow in the wake of a great deal of information, no matter how comprehensive” and proceeds to offer a practitioner’s manual for ritual magic that emphasises commitment and self-discipline.


This book will be an invaluable guide to any student of the mysteries looking to find some clarity in making their way forward. It will also appeal to those interested in the history of various mystery schools and their impact upon philosophical thought.

“Strong successfully manages to cover the broad outlines of the major systems in use in the Mysteries today, giving sound information, challenging the reader and pointing the way for further study ... I was pleasantly surprised by the new perspectives offered and reminded that sometimes we need to step outside of our well established comfort zones in order to get a clearer view.  Moving through the Tarot and Qabalistic thought, from the Arthurian myths to Egypt and ritual the book offers a fresh, clear glimpse into the Mysteries as they are currently practiced.”

— S.C. Vincent

Born in the beautiful county of Somerset, Gordon Strong is an author, teacher, musician, poet and Tarot reader. In his writings he delights in aspects of myth, philosophy, esoteric history and various mystery traditions and sacred earth sites. He is also an avid speaker, appearing often in both the UK and USA to address a variety of topics. He appeared in Sean Martin’s 2010 documentary Druid’s Grove, which features Stanton Drew as a key druid location.


Along with his public talks on the subject he has written extensively on the Stanton Drew stone circles complex. Strong has visited the site hundreds of times, in the company of dowsers, psychics, Druids, clairvoyants and the plain curious, and he makes special pilgrimages to the circles on the old Celtic quarter days.