By Names and Images

Bringing the Golden Dawn to Life

Peregrin Wildoak


The Golden Dawn (GD) system of magic is the main source of the esoteric and magical wisdom and techniques practiced in the West today. While the rituals and bare teachings of the tradition have been published for sixty years, the inner workings and esoteric keys that empower those rituals have largely remained unpublished or unexplored in contemporary works. By Names and Images remedies this lack by providing detailed and clear instructions for the visualisations, spiritual connections and energetic practices required for every major GD practice and ritual, as well as several unpublished techniques.


Focusing on the meanings and use of sacred names and practical techniques of visualisation, the book thoroughly explores meditation and divination, purification ritual, invocation and evocation, grades of initiation, and direct experience of the inner realms. Also covered is an explanation of the Qabalah and its use as a magical framework.


While the book is sufficiently practical and clearly explained to be of huge benefit to a newcomer to magic, its primary aim is to allow people already practicing the Golden Dawn system to do so more effectively, and to be touched by the amazing spiritual blessings the rituals offer.

Peregrin Wildoak was born in Warwickshire and during his childhood lived in several semi-rural locations.  At a young age he learned to appreciate the Land, which later opened the door to the mysteries within. At twelve years old he emigrated with his family to Perth in Western Australia where he has been ever since. He now lives with his son and a black dog called Theodore.


In his youth Peregrin came into contact with the western mystery traditions and the Golden Dawn. He was initiated into the latter and was blessed to receive traditional training and instruction from an elderly English initiate. He has also received initiation and training in several other traditions including Wicca and an Isis Mystery School.


As part of his involvement in the esoteric and Pagan communities Peregrin has served as regional councillor for the Pagan Alliance, has written for numerous newsletters and magazines, and is a former editor of Pagan Times and Greenspirit. He was one of the first people in Perth to lead public magical and pagan training and open workshops. He co-founded the EarthDreaming tradition and the Golden Dawn Society of Western Australia, which is the public face of the traditional Golden Dawn Order to which he belongs.

“The book is the finest introduction to the Golden Dawn system yet penned and includes many never before seen highlights from the author’s years of oral instruction and training. A “must have” for every student of the Golden Dawn, beginning and advanced.”

– Tony DeLuce, Initiate of the Rosicrucian Order of the Golden Dawn


“The Golden Dawn is one of the most influential systems of magic in the world. For more than a century, the teachings of the Golden Dawn have been borrowed, adapted, and lifted wholesale into virtually every corner of modern-day magical practice. Those of us who consider the Golden Dawn our true spiritual path have never doubted the effectiveness and beauty of the system in its entirety, and it would appear that our numbers are ever increasing. The result has been a welcome explosion of new books on previously unexplored avenues of Golden Dawn history and magical work, such as Peregrin Wildoak's exceptional text "By Names and Images." There are numerous books on the market that teach readers how to do the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, the Middle Pillar Exercise, and the Rituals of the Hexagram and the Rose Cross, etc. However, relatively few books describe with any detail the impulses and motivations behind such rites and exercises – what the author calls the "inner workings of the rituals and techniques of the Golden Dawn – the required visualisation, movements of energy, focus, breath and dynamics that empower each and every ritual." Peregrin's reader-friendly style of teaching displays a joyous sharing of knowledge that demystifies complex teachings, revealing the "heart and soul" of the Work. This book will be a treasured addition to every Golden Dawn magician's library.”

– Charles “Chic” Cicero and Sandra “Tabatha” Cicero, Chief Adepts of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn