In Different Skies

Rebecca Wilby


A novel by the author of This Wretched Splendour.


In the trenches of Loos and the Somme, two disaffected young subalterns, Munro and Tate, struggle to find humour and purpose in a rapidly disintegrating world; brothers unto death – with a firmer bond than anything in their real families.


A world away, in another time and place, Katherine is startled when she starts to recover memories – someone else’s memories – of the first world war trenches. These involuntary glimpses into the life of a lost soldier open up a visionary world and a search across the fields of northern Europe for the historical truth behind the vision.


A powerful story, fused with many realities.

Rebecca Wilby trained in the Gareth Knight Group (now known as the Avalon Group), the magical fraternity founded by Gareth Knight in 1973, and became the group’s leader in 2013. She has written a play and a novel, both published by Skylight Press. She is also a musician and photographer.